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Give the gift of history that repeats itself.

MailHUG - a gift subscription of historical letters


Stay Connected

In today's world there is a dizzying array of distractions. When was the last time you received a heartfelt letter? At MailHug, you can give a reminder of your thoughts for those that you care about.

Keep Perspective

It's been said, "it's all been done before." In today's world, it's never been truer. MailHug creates a perfect respite to sit back and learn, laugh, and get inspired.


Stay in the present but learn from the past. History can provide the answers and inspiration for you.


Remind someone important to you on a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis that you are thinking of them.

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Subscription Options

Weekly, semi-monthly or monthly mailings over a year with history's jewels.

Choose Your Topics

Choose from history's finest letters of love, politics, humor, inspiration or a combination of all themes.

Give Someone a Hug

Provide a reminder that you are thinking of those dearest to you.